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About Us

Samsarah's name was inspired by the beautiful and relaxing cliffs of Samsara, Jamaica. In the Carribean, Samsara means "life's cycle of change." Whether the change you're looking for is an entirely new look, or just a friendly new outlook on your day, you can find it at Samsarah Salon and Spa. Warm and inviting - those are two words often used to describe our staff and atmosphere. Try us out, we think you'll agree!

About Our Salon
Samsarah’s purpose is to blend innovative techniques and treatments with current trends to bring our clients fantastic results. Every effort at Samsarah includes a strong focus on the comfort and taste of our clientele. We are about changing our guest’s perspective on service as well as style, creating an experience that clients will in turn rave about.

About Our History
After working for six years at Bridgewood East Salon and Spa under the leadership of Judy Zaretzke, Sarah Ott and her "right hand" receptionist moved into a leased space in Menasha, Wisconsin in April of 2000. After a year, Samsarah relocated to an East Appleton location and offered full service appointments in areas of hair care, nail care, massage therapy and skincare. Samsarah was at 2100 S. Kensington Drive from August 2001 to January of 2015 and truly enjoyed the location ?The winds of change showed themselves again as we now venture down the street to our new location!

As of July 17, 2015 Samsarah Salon/Spa will relocate to 2100 S Kensington Dr Suite 6.

Samsarah started as a dream to create a business that was not only beneficial for the guest taking in the services, but for the staff as well. Our goal is to continue growth while maintaining the feeling of a small salon?s personal focus. Thanks for being a part of the dream!